जर्नल ऑफ़ न्यूट्रिशन एंड डायटेटिक्स

खुला एक्सेस

हमारा समूह 1000 से अधिक वैज्ञानिक सोसायटी के सहयोग से हर साल संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, यूरोप और एशिया में 3000+ वैश्विक सम्मेलन श्रृंखला कार्यक्रम आयोजित करता है और 700+ ओपन एक्सेस जर्नल प्रकाशित करता है जिसमें 50000 से अधिक प्रतिष्ठित व्यक्तित्व, प्रतिष्ठित वैज्ञानिक संपादकीय बोर्ड के सदस्यों के रूप में शामिल होते हैं।

ओपन एक्सेस जर्नल्स को अधिक पाठक और उद्धरण मिल रहे हैं
700 जर्नल और 15,000,000 पाठक प्रत्येक जर्नल को 25,000+ पाठक मिल रहे हैं


Screening, Knowledge and Management practices of Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension in Amaba Ikwuano Abia State Nigeria

Amadi ANC*, Amoke OC and Agbai PO

Screening study of diabetes mellitus and hypertension was carried out in Amaoba Ikwuano Abia State Nigeria to determine the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and hypertension and to access their knowledge, attitude and management practices of the diseases. Accu-check. glucometer strip, blood pressure monitor, weighing balance, height metre were used for the study. Out of 260 subjects. 136(52.30%) were males and 124(47.70%) were female. The overall prevalence of diabetes mellitus and hypertention was 35.38% and 32.31% respectively. The prevalence of diabetes mellitus in the study area indicated that males (41.3%) were more affected than females (29.03%). Also male are more hypertensive (38.25%) than females (28.81%). There is no significant difference with respect to sex (p<0.05). Incidence of diabetes mellitus and hypertension showed that males within the age group of 61-70 years have the highest (38.89%) followed by females in the same age group (26.78%) and the least (2.94%) was among age group 20 -30 years. There was a significant difference between age and sex (p<0.05). Body Mass Index (BMI) according to sex in relation to diabetes mellitus and hypertension showed that majority of overweight males (67.85%) and females (65.38%) are diabetic and males (60.45%) and females (50.00%) and hypertension respectively are overweight. Questionnaire analysis showed that majority of respondents are aware of what diabetes mellitus is while most (62.03%). Most (64.62%) have not been previously diagnosed of diabetes mellitus. Knowledge on hypertension showed that most (96.15%) are aware of the disease and majorities (67.69%) have not been previously diagnosed of the disease. Some (31.62%) respondent believed that diabetes is caused by consumption of starchy food; others (39.26%) identified the cause of hypertension to be obesity. Management of diabetes mellitus were identified to be adhering to diet (29.31%). Whereas the management of hypertension were identified to be maintaining normal weight (33.57%) followed by routine check of blood pressure (26.93%). Majority (74.62%) of the respondents receive treatment of diabetes mellitus and hypertension in hospital and chemist. High blood pressure and diabetes mellitus are prevalent in the study area. There is need for urgent intervention by relevant agencies for proper health education in the communities for regular screening test and management practices to minimize or avert the risk of complications of late diagnosis.