मोटापा और चयापचय जर्नल

खुला एक्सेस

हमारा समूह 1000 से अधिक वैज्ञानिक सोसायटी के सहयोग से हर साल संयुक्त राज्य अमेरिका, यूरोप और एशिया में 3000+ वैश्विक सम्मेलन श्रृंखला कार्यक्रम आयोजित करता है और 700+ ओपन एक्सेस जर्नल प्रकाशित करता है जिसमें 50000 से अधिक प्रतिष्ठित व्यक्तित्व, प्रतिष्ठित वैज्ञानिक संपादकीय बोर्ड के सदस्यों के रूप में शामिल होते हैं।

ओपन एक्सेस जर्नल्स को अधिक पाठक और उद्धरण मिल रहे हैं
700 जर्नल और 15,000,000 पाठक प्रत्येक जर्नल को 25,000+ पाठक मिल रहे हैं

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इस पृष्ठ को साझा करें


Pesticide Residues Analysis on Stored Beans in Kaura Local Government Areas of Zamfara State.

Abdullahi Hadisu Baba

The transferred or used of pesticides in crops and animals has been a long time practice in Northern Nigeria where farming become a cultural heritage of the people. This research was carried out to determine the concentration of the pesticides residues in Beans in some selected stored grains in Kasuwar Daji and Sabon Gari Kaura with the aimed of assessing it safety for human and animal’s consumption. All the fifteen (15) beans samples collected from the two study sites were prepared using QuEChERS method (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective Rugged and Safe) and analyzed through gas chromatography-mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). The results show that about 95% of beans samples had content of pesticide residues lies within permissible limits in all the two sample sites. The concentration of five beans samples from Kasuwar Daji are Dimethroate (DIM) 0.009ppm, Beta-HCH (BHC) 0.011ppm, Fonofos (FON) 0.011ppm, Chloropyrifos (CHL) 0.012ppm, Dieldrin (DIE) 0.003ppm and Delta- HCH (DHC) 0.0012ppm while the ten beans samples in Sabon Gari Kaura are DIM 0.094ppm, BHC 0.011ppm, FON 0.0011ppm, CHL 0.002ppm, DIE 0.003ppm and DHC 0.0012ppm respectively. Although concentration of all the fifteen samples from the tow study sites lies within the maximum residue limits in beans. Cancer potency factor for Dimethroate (DIM), BetaHCH (BHC), Fonofos(FON), Chloropyrifos (CHL), Delta HCH (DHC) and Dieldrin(DIE) most especially cypermethrine in children and adults might cause adverse health effects and toxicity due to their long term accumulation and persistence within human’s body might be enough to cause risk in humans.